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Clean Walker Eazy

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Nr modelu

  • Eco-friendly adhesive mats
  • 3mm thickness urethan gel layer.
  • High strength and resistant under the pressure of trolleys.
  • Sold as a set of 2pcs of 450x500mm; Easy to clean with water.
  • Hook holes for hanging and dry
  • Indoor use only

Wymiar (mm)
500 x 450 x 3
Masa (kg)
Wymiary opakowania (mm)
450 x 490 x 10
Masa brutto
1,4 kg

Made of self-adhesiveness high-quality urethane gel.
Reversible. The front and back (surface A / surface B) are indicated with identification labels.
Clean it with water only.
No peal off!
Hook hole is provided so the mat can be hung out to dry.
The size has been halved to facilitate maintenance. The mat can be removed and washed with water.
Conventional peel-off mats are likely to redistribute the accumulated dust every time the sheet is ripped up. "Clean Walker Eazy" prevents such secondary contamination as it is cleaned by wet mopping.
Effectively use the mat in plants manufacturing semiconductors, electronics, precision devices, foodstuffs, or packaging materials, in printing or painting plants, in pharmaceutical plants, in medical facilities, etc.
※This mat cannot be used clean the wheels of forklifts used to transport heavy items, or to clean the soles of outdoor shoes.

- 1.6 kg (2 sheets)

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