Ionizing Fan F120R-ECE

F120R-E CE


Ionizing Fan

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Model No.

  • Powerful static eraser with outstanding capabilities
  • A wide selection of models and delivering ions with fan
  • Newly developped piezoelectric transformer makes the slim and compact model.
  • Butterfly louvers for changing the wind directions.
  • Fan speed can be adjusted. (3 positions)
  • Improvement in maintenance by easy-replaceable electrode needle unit.
  • Terminals for alarm signal output
  • F120R-E is a silent type with mild airflow.

Power supply
DC24V ±5%
Current consumption (mA)max.
Decay time
within 1.5 sec
Ion balance
Within ±10V
Noise level (dB A)
Fan speed (max) (m3/min)
Weight (g)
Dimension (mm)
198 x 162 x 69.5
Applied voltage
AC10kV (p-p)
Package Size (mm)
210 x 190 x 120
Gross Weight
1.4 kg

Butterfly Louver. Press outer side to disperse air. Operation status indication . New alarm function uses a 2-color LED. The red light indicates various errors. Easy maintenance. The electrode needle unit is set into the front cover.
- AC adapter AD24-IT-EX (100 to 240V AC)
- AC cable(1.8m)

Unique capacitive-coupled electrode needles for stable and long-lasting ionizing performance

VESSEL's patented unique capacitive-coupled electrode needles enable the F120R-E to perform with the superior ion balance for long time.

Highly frequent A/C piezoelectronic transformer generates ions in abundance and neutralizes charged fastly.

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